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What do Venice, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Lithuania have in common?

The architectural answer lies on the shores of the Port City.

The twists and turns of history intertwine and the present presents us with a gourmet, diligently cherished historical architectural masterpiece - the Michaelson boutique hotel.

In the early Middle Ages, Pomerania sent us merchants Michaelsons, who settled down and established their grain and linseed and iron products business in Klaipeda. Growing up near the water, the Lithuanian warehouse in Venice, adorned with the cleansing of the walls of Fachwerk, which has become popular in Western Europe since the Middle Ages, while keeping up with the modernity of the modern world, welcomes everyone. Once upon a time, this fun, exclusive building saw a lot of warm and cold and beautiful and dirty. Cozy, located on the Dane embankment of the Port City, he quietly watches the life on the shore, sometimes filled with rest and relaxation, and sometimes with the festivities, sports competitions and carefree holidays. The handsome berth powerhouse, which has withstood wars and adversity, invites you to immerse yourself in the rich and historic atmosphere of the Micaehlson boutique hotel.

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