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We are among the best in the world ...

The Charme et Caractere organization recognized the uniqueness and quality of the Michaelson boutique hotel and awarded it with "One of the best luxury places to stay in the world" title in 2022.

Founded in 2016 in France, Charme et Caractere unites 800 hotels in 80 countries around the world. Michaelson boutique hotel membership in this organization not only allows us to learn from the best hotels in the world, but also obliges us to improve every year in the field of customer service.

Despite the fact that for us - the Michaelson team - the most important evaluation is customer's smile, we are glad that in 2022 we are recognized as one of the best LUXURY hotels in the category. We are proud to be able to meet the expectations of an organization that upholds the highest standards. We will continue to improve and to amaze our customers while giving them an invaluable feeling.

Find out more about Charme & Caractere here:

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