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You are always welcome

„MICHAELSON boutique HOTEL“ is one of the best rated hotels in West Lithuania. You'll easily reach any place of the Klaipėda region and the Baltic seaside from here. The people of the seaside always influence the architecture of the port city, of course our character and identity as well. Located in a restored 18th century warehouse building, constantly active, „MICHAELSON boutique HOTEL“ is named after its first owner, the merchant Epraheim Michaelson, in his honor and memory. An authentic legacy of the Lithuanian Maritime Heritage, the unique warehouses at Žvejų str. 18 and 18A are protected, included in the Register of Lithuanian Cultural Heritage. 

REST is the place, where the stories

are made...

16 unique rooms - each of them designed thinking about your comfort and needs. The special architecture, history of the building, protects all secrets. Here you will feel like nowhere else in Lithuania. Here you'll breathe, rest during business trips, you will find EVERYTHING for vacation. We offer attention not only to details, but to each guest.


"Pilnatvės Sodas", Plenitude Garden, is the harmony that Iveta Zdanavičiutė - Anužienė feels while creating, sharing it with guests. It's a hint about flower compositions available at our Gallery, handmade natural beeswax candles, ceramics, original works and artisic photography, printed on photo canvas or photo paper.

Unfathomable abundance of flowers of indescribable beauty.


"You can get attached to current life through various elements. When in Klaipėda, by the Dangė river, we've recognized and settled in these Venetian-style warehouses, as we like Venice and link modernity with antiquity through this aspect", says G. Bertašius, one of the developers and investors of this project, who is convinced dedication to heritage is necessary, but when creating a new purpose for historical objects, one should not be afraid of bold ideas and solutions.


We offer the possibility to reserve "MICHAELSON boutique RESTOBAR & CATERING" spaces. The reservation of all spaces and services related to private events is coordinated at least one week before the desired time. We are inviting you to enjoy emotions.



Due to the unique „MICHAELSON boutique HOTEL“ location, our guests can reach everything on foot.

From the windows of the hotel you'll see Klaipėda's castle-site, its old town and port, the passing ferries as well,

on the other side on the Dangė river, just a few hundred meters from the hotel. They are the gateway to

Smiltynė and its beaches...  Ask us and we'll provide all the necessary information about the places of interest there.

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The port of Klaipėda awaits for Your sails in the summer, however, You are invited to get acquainted with the uniquely complex history of Klaipėda - a strategically strong port city - all year round.

By the way, have You tried the power of the seaside in winter yet?

The ferry ride between Klaipėda and Smiltynė takes only 5 minutes. On foot, by bike and then by ferry You can reach the Curonian Spit from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m....

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Lithuanian coastal beaches are some of the most beautiful.

In them, pine trees within reach whisper melodies, conducted by the Baltic Sea... At the Baltic seaside, as if in another world...

Explore the narrow streets of Klaipėda's old town and discover new places, cozy souvenir shops, visit Klaipėda's galleries, let time take you through the history of this unique port city...

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Although trying to describe the Curonian Spit, its nature and the surrounding sea is like trying to describe the music playing there right now, even Jean-Paul Sartre felt like he was in paradise when he visited here... Music must be felt before being described, just like nature harmony, its refuge. The roaring Baltic Sea, fine white sand beaches, rated as one of the most beautiful in Europe...

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Although trying to describe the Ventė Cape, its nature and the surrounding lagoon is like trying to describe the music playing there right now, after visiting, you, like the birds, can feel in paradise... Music must be felt before being described, just like nature harmony, its refuge. There, by one of the most impressive deltas in Europe...

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